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Backflow Device Testing for Commercial and Residential Properties

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Backflow Device Testing, known in the industry as Cross Connection Control, involves the installation, maintenance, and testing of devices, which protect our precious water supply. These devices protect both yourself and your neighbours by preventing dirty water from contaminating your shared water supply.

Sierra Mechanical Limited has an in-house licenced tester with certified equipment to test and service these devices for both our commercial and residential clients. An annual inspection and test is required by most municipalities to ensure your devices are certified and operational. Most importantly you will know you’re doing your part to ensure we preserve the integrity of our shared water supply.

Here are some sources of contamination that Cross Connection Control Devices protect against:

  • Heating and cooling equipment

  • Fire sprinkler systems

  • Irrigation systems

  • Garden hoses

  • Chemical feeds

  • Process water

Locations where you might find a Backflow Preventer:

  • Homes with irrigation systems & certain types of heating systems

  • Medical and dental laboratories and clinics

  • Boiler or mechanical rooms

  • Water entry rooms

  • Restaurants

  • Golf courses

  • Hospitals

  • Veterinary clinics

  • Any other industrial, commercial & retail locations

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